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Kayıt: 08.05.2013
Üye No: 198,687

Tarih: 08 May 2013, 14:39 Tek mesaj gösterimi1

Sümüklü Arkadaşlar bana acil ingilizce performans ödevi için TWO BROTHERS hikaye kitabının özeti ve Türkçesi lazım.Kahramanları,nerede geçtiği,ne zaman geçtiği,olay lazım cuma gününe yetişmesi lazım lütfen acil.
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Yüxexes Sükûnet

Kayıt: 14.02.2008
Üye No: 109,790
Şehir: Odrysai

Tarih: 09 May 2013, 11:11 Tek mesaj gösterimi2

Aldığınız İngilizce dersi için size verilmiş bir ödev sanıyorum. Düşünecek olursak size verilen bu ödev sizin ingilizcenizi düzgün hale getirecek ve seviye atlatacak bir ödev.
Kitabı okumunazı ve düzgün bir şekilde özetini çıkarmanız istenmiş. Yardım istiyorsunuz ancak alacağınız yardım sizin ingilizce seviyenizde bir yardımcısı olmayacak bir yardım istiyorsunuz.

Karar sizin.. Of yaa

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Kayıt: 08.05.2013
Üye No: 198,687

Tarih: 13 May 2013, 13:13 Tek mesaj gösterimi3

Arkadaşlar önceki mesajlarımda da söylediğim gibi bana TWO BROTHERS adlı hikaye kitabının özeti lazım.Bana özetini,Türkçesini,kahramanlarını,olayını,zamanını,nerede geçtiğini,ana fikrini acil perşembe gününe kadar lazım.Arkadaşlar acil lütfen gönderin rica ediyorum.Hikaye aşağıda:

There were once upon a time two brothers, one rich and the other poor. The rich one was a goldsmith and evil-hearted. The poor one supported himself by making brooms, and was good and honourable. The poor one had two children, who were twin brothers and as like each other as two drops of water. The two boys went backwards and forwards to the rich house, and often got some of the scraps to eat. It happened once when the poor man was going into the forest to fetch brush-wood, that he saw a bird which was quite golden and more beautiful than any he had ever chanced to meet with. He picked up a small stone, threw it at him, and was lucky enough to hit him, but one golden feather only fell down, and the bird flew away. The man took the feather and carried it to his brother, who looked at it and said, "It is pure gold!" and gave him a great deal of money for it. Next day the man climbed into a birch-tree, and was about to cut off a couple of branches when the same bird flew out, and when the man searched he found a nest, and an egg lay inside it, which was of gold. He took the egg home with him, and carried it to his brother, who again said, "It is pure gold," and gave him what it was worth. At last the goldsmith said, "I should indeed like to have the bird itself." The poor man went into the forest for the third time, and again saw the golden bird sitting on the tree, so he took a stone and brought it down and carried it to his brother, who gave him a great heap of gold for it. "Now I can get on," thought he, and went contentedly home.

The goldsmith was crafty and cunning, and knew very well what kind of a bird it was. He called his wife and said, "Roast me the gold bird, and take care that none of it is lost. I have a fancy to eat it all myself." The bird, however, was no common one, but of so wondrous a kind that whosoever ate its heart and liver found every morning a piece of gold beneath his pillow. The woman made the bird ready, put it on the spit, and let it roast. Now it happened that while it was at the fire, and the woman was forced to go out of the kitchen on account of some other work, the two children of the poor broom-maker ran in, stood by the spit and turned it round once or twice. And as at that very moment two little bits of the bird fell down into the dripping-tin, one of the boys said, "We will eat these two little bits; I am so hungry, and no one will ever miss them." Then the two ate the pieces, but the woman came into the kitchen and saw that they were eating something and said, "What have ye been eating?" "Two little morsels which fell out of the bird," answered they. "That must have been the heart and the liver," said the woman, quite frightened, and in order that her husband might not miss them and be angry, she quickly killed a young cock, took out his heart and liver, and put them beside the golden bird. When it was ready, she carried it to the goldsmith, who consumed it all alone, and left none of it. Next morning, however, when he felt beneath his pillow, and expected to bring out the piece of gold, no more gold pieces were there than there had always been.

The two children did not know what a piece of good-fortune had fallen to their lot. Next morning when they arose, something fell rattling to the ground, and when they picked it up there were two gold pieces! They took them to their father, who was astonished and said, "How can that have happened?" When next morning they again found two, and so on daily, he went to his brother and told him the strange story. The goldsmith at once knew how it had come to pass, and that the children had eaten the heart and liver of the golden bird, and in order to revenge himself, and because he was envious and hard-hearted, he said to the father, "Thy children are in league with the Evil One, do not take the gold, and do not suffer them to stay any longer in thy house, for he has them in his power, and may ruin thee likewise." The father feared the Evil One, and painful as it was to him, he nevertheless led the twins forth into the forest, and with a sad heart left them there. Sümüklü
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Kayıt: 19.05.2013
Üye No: 198,713

Tarih: 19 May 2013, 19:28 Tek mesaj gösterimi4

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Bölüm Yöneticisi

Kayıt: 11.04.2008
Üye No: 118,574
Şehir: İstanbul

Tarih: 22 Ocak 2015, 14:44 Tek mesaj gösterimi5



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